Joel Camacho spoke at XIXOIO’s First Crypto Banking Conference in Prague on November 29-30, 2018.


During the panel titled “Cryptocommunity, Businesses, Banking, and Regulation Cooperation for Greater Impact”, he stressed that companies in Web 3.0 will have to incorporate business models that better compensate consumers for access to their data – something that hasn’t been the case in Web 2.0.


He presented on how asset tokenization will impact financial services and venture capital. Tokenizing equity from the time a founder is raising her first round of capital will (1) significantly broaden the investor base for her capital raise and (2) reduce the large illiquidity discount associated with venture capital/private equity investments. Ultimately, the benefit to the founder will be she gets to raise capital at more attractive valuations, and VCs will have access to opportunities to exit their investments beyond just the traditional IPO or M&A.